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Round 05: Outlander

Option #3: Hard mode: Use only one song for all 10 icons
I chose Joanna Newsom's "Only Skin." LISTEN | LYRICS

I had chosen Outlander as my claim before the inspiration post went up and I wanted to stick with it even though it was initially difficult to choose a song or songs that were inspirational enough that also fit my claim.

I settled on Joanna Newsom because there is something anachronistic about her music in our time, especially the songs from the album Ys, which fits the character of Claire's anachronism in Outlander. Outlander is set in the Baroque period and one of the genres used to describe Joanna's music is Baroque pop so that fits as well. I find her lyrics fascinating to pick apart and it was fun to figure out how to relate that to icons.

I ended up picking "Only Skin" because it had a mood that fit what I was planning. It's also one of my favorites. There were some direct inspirations like "shot full of ink" is the inspiration for the second icon and the frequent imagery of water and fire in the lyrics inspired the coloring of the last icon. Also, earthy images with earthy tones and green. I focused completely on Claire with a bit of peripheral Jamie because I related a lot of her character to the character of the narrator in the song. Claire is extremely adaptable and I tried to show that in the icons by choosing moments from different roles she's filled. Musically, I relate Claire's adaptability to the changing in tempos and rhythms throughout the song. Also, the changing time signatures makes me think of the themes of time in Outlander. Finally, a lot of what "Only Skin" is about is what it means to be a woman and how love, sex, and female sexuality are perceived by society, all of which is also explored in Outlander.

I also considered "Sawdust and Diamonds", "Divers", and "Time, as a Symptom".

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