long time no see..

Uh, hi all *waves awkwardly* sooo I pretty much died for 4 months, sorry about that!

I'm going to post the voting for the previous challenge and unfortunately close the community. When I was here I really enjoyed it and I'll miss it but I just do not have the time to run it and I do not want anyone else to either as this is my 'baby' so to speak.

Thanks to everyone who's entered and voted, so many amazing icons were made here! ♥
Teen Wolf - Malia Dweeb

round 15 | dctv ladies

thank you for waiting for me!

ladies of dctv (11)
2 of each of laurel, e2!laurel (3 really), sara, felicity, and thea.

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forgot the text box.

Round 15: Thor

The rest is HERE.

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round 15: captain america: the winter soldier

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♕ Queen

round 15: supernatural

the rest is here @ lullabycharmed