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ten in thirty

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An icon challenge community
Ten in Thirty, is a twist on the usual 20in20 icon communities. In this you make 10 icons in 30 days. The challenges are open fandom so you are welcome to use any tv show, movie, whatever as your claim!

+ All icons must be made by you, specifically for this community.
+ You can post your icons in your icon journal and link to them here with 3 examples or post them here under a cut with again, 3 examples. In either version, the icon post must be public.
+ Icons must be within LiveJournal standards (100x100 pixels, .png, .gif, or .jpg format; 40kb or less).
+ All posts must be titled with the round and your claim and the post tagged by your username and the round number like so,
title: Round 50: The Walking Dead
tags: maker: username, round: 1

+ To be included in the voting post please add links in a textarea that is in each challenge information post.

layout; brutal

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